Many businesses are keeping clear directives for project management. Despite this more than 70% of all projects have to be considered a failure, resulting in a tremendous economic loss. Various studies prove this situation.

Loss is generated partly as direct cost due to delay, poor quality and/or inefficient risk management and partly as indirect cost due to consequential failures.

The major reason for failure is not, as one might assume, poor technology know-how but poor project management skills.

The main reasons are:

a) Lack of soft skills:

  • Double workload due to disparate technical/disciplinary allocation
  • Leading of inter-cultural project teams
  • Communication, visualisation, presentation
  • Leadership and motivation
  • Conflict management and time management

b) Poor experience and knowledge in methodology:

  • Risk management
  • Project controlling
  • Target definition
  • Claim and change request management
  • Change management

IMES Consulting can support you by offering consultancy or interim management services for realisation of your:

  • Strategic projects/Re-organisation projects or programs
  • IT/ ERP projects
  • Specific professional projects
  • Outsourcing contract management
  • Project re-structuring